Linkable illustrated summaries of the book: Coke Stories.

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The cost of jailing someone in New York City for a year is $167,731. I’ve penned a piece spun-off from the book, explaining how I calculated the price per pound to incarcerate the (mostly black and brown) men and women we lock up for non-violent drug crimes: Calculating the Price Per Pound of an Incarcerated Black Man’s Flesh

Another journalist knocking on the door of The Coca-Cola Company, decades before I started digging myself: Asking Coca-Cola About Coca Has Never Been Easy. Free PDF download HERE.

A day before a historic UN vote (see below), I spoke with Sanho Tree and Coletta Youngers at Busboys & Poets. This discussion was filmed for C-SPAN Book TV.

NY Daily News published my op-ed on the condemned coca leaf. I’ve also posted a version with cool links: A Double Standard for the Single Convention Treaty.

A Secret History of Coffee, Coca & Cola was named one of the 10 Best Works of Graphic Nonfiction of the Year by Brainpicker.

Correction: the first edition of A Secret History of Coffee, Coca & Cola contains the note: “In 2007, The Coca-Cola Company sold almost 135 million tonnes of beverages...” The actual figure is 135 thousand tonnes, I regret the error.