Thirteen tweets that ride the #CokeJourney hashtag, telling the lesser-known history of The Coca-Cola Company’s relationship with coca leaf and cocaine. Take one, take ‘em all. RT!  via @CoffeeCocaCola

A thread on how, after 9000 years of use ( and then prohibited around the world, #coca leaf is imported from Peru for the @CocaColaCo to make @CocaCola. #CokeJourney

Before he invented @CocaCola, Atlanta pharmacist @docpemberton first made French Wine Coca, touted as an remedy for opium addiction. #CokeJourney

To ensure coca supply from South America, Coca-Cola tapped Ralph Hayes to interface w/ Harry Anslinger #CokeJourney

H. J. Anslinger was like the J. Edgar Hoover of the drug war, the U.S. drug czar through 7 presidential administrations, from 1930-1970. A note to HAJ... #CokeJourney

While pioneering #ReeferMadness, Anslinger simultaneously began his #CokeJourney as the perdurable ally of @CocaColaCo, securing Peruvian #coca for the @CocaCola formula:

Of course, with #coca, there is #cocaine. It's part of the deal in manufacturing @CocaCola. #CokeJourney

The @CocaColaCo contracted a #cocaine maker, Maywood Chemical Works, to get #caffeine & #coca extract for the #CokeJourney

Maywood Chemical, NJ would become Stepan Co. & continue work for #CokeJourney. Location: My illustration:

Stepan Chemical in NJ has now imported Peruvian #coca leaf for over a century. Thousands of tons, for #CokeJourney.

Stepan Chemical in New Jersey has also been manufacturing raw #cocaine for over a century. #CokeJourney

Original @CocaCola "Merchandise #5" Export Drum Label: bringing the coca leaf to your tongue, via #CokeJourney

A conversation w/ Coca-Cola "inventor" @docpemberton, RE: prohibition of #coca b/w hypocrisy of #CokeJourney:

Ok, that's a quick thread on the subject. Dive a bit deeper here in our Coke Stories:


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